Summer Celebration: Outdoor Living Trends Part 2

Part 1 of Summer Celebration: Outdoor Living Trends, introduced us to simple, cost-effective ways to enjoy the fresh outdoors! Below is a list of outdoor living trends that require a bit of a bigger budget that will get you excited to freshen up your backyard this summer.

Outdoor living trends $$$ big budget ideas

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a huge trend in outdoor living. Again, the options are endless: build your own kitchen or buy a portable unit that you can take with you. An outdoor area for cooking and grilling can be perfect for any summer party, and a great way to enjoy the fresh air.

Outdoor furniture

This can include benches, couches, or even swings. Adding furniture to your yard or deck can make it a more social area to relax and hang out with friends.


Have the space? Buy or build a gazebo. Gazebos are a great idea for creating a covered space that is for both leisure and utility. They can also be a lovely escape from the summer sun or spring rain. A trellis is also a great feature to compliment any backyard.

Tiny house

Buying or building a tiny house, also known as a Micro Office, can add more indoor space to your property. These small structures can fit inside your backyard and function as a guest house, office or even storage unit. For images of tiny houses, check out Pinterest.

Outdoor shower

Outdoor showers (with proper coverage of course) have recently become popular again for their accessibility and easy maintenance. More versatile than a pool, outdoor showers let you cool off from the summer heat and keep clean all in one package.

Outdoor movie theatre

For any lazy summer evening, movie night is always an enjoyable option. Get a unique entertainment experience by setting up an outdoor entertainment system, equipped with an HD projector, electric-powered flat screen, and speakers. For this system, check out Amazon.

For a less expensive option, try setting up a smartphone screen projector and using a sheet or another flat surface for the movie screen.

Fire pit

An outdoor fire pit can update your backyard and create a cozy spot for family time. This feature can be used for relaxing ambiance, lighting or as a cooking source.

*Be sure to check your local fire pit regulation by-laws. Nanaimo’s by-law falls under the Residential Backyard Burning.  [su_divider size=”1″]

More affordable options here at Summer Celebration: Affordable Outdoor Living Trends Part 1.

No matter the scale of your project, if you make your home an enjoyable place to entertain and relax you will find other may appreciate the same. Thinking about selling call the Charlie Parker Team (250) 751-1224!