Summer Celebration: Affordable Outdoor Living Trends Part 1

After April showers we are always ready to get outside and enjoy the fresh outdoors! If you aren’t the type that looks forward to working in your backyard, enjoying it may still be a relaxing dream for summertime.

What gets you excited about spending time outside? Is it gardening in your yard or on your deck? Or is a hammock and a good book more your style? Below is a list of affordable outdoor living trends that will get you excited to freshen up your backyard this summer.

$ Smaller budget ideas

Edible flowers

There are many flowers that can add vibrant color and foliage to your planters. These flowers can add a colorful, edible splash to any salad or summer BBQ dish. A little urban agriculture can go a long way for freshening up your home. Try mixing it up this year and including one of the edible flowers below in your planters:

  • Nasturtium
  • Pansy
  • Hibiscus
  • Violet
  • Rose
  • Dandelion (A classic favorite!)

Creative lighting

This can include lanterns, pool lights or lights for the deck. Adding lighting to any outdoor area can change the look and feel of your space. The wonderful thing is that there are so many to choose from: Strings of lights (modern or traditional), colorful and patterned, plan lanterns (paper or glass), and directional lighting. All these types of lights brighten up your property and can shine on any feature of your home, yard or deck.

Colored cushions for outdoor furniture

If you have existing outdoor furniture, consider adding a colorful design or patterned cushion. Any pattern or splash of color can brighten up your patio or backyard furniture. If you have a table that doesn’t accommodate cushions try using placemats and patterned outdoor dinnerware to add a festive feel to dining outside.

Flowers & hanging baskets

Whether they are green or colored, baskets of living plants will add warmth to your space. This also makes a thoughtful and portable gift.

DIY planters

Embrace your inner gardener and build your own planters! Use recycled crates or create a window farm out of old pop bottles. Find solutions for any space.

$$ Medium budget ideas

Drinks on wheels

This entertainment accessory is fantastic for hosting any outdoor event. The bar cart is a trendy item for any party, and this refreshment station on wheels is perfect for rolling around the deck and serving drinks for any summer barbeque. Look for it in stores such as Ikea and Home Depot.

Urban planters

Agriculture is a very popular way to decorate, whether it is on a large scale or smaller one. There are many options on the market now for urban agriculture solutions. This could feature funky designs and great colors for wall pockets, or vertical and horizontal solutions. The options are endless.

Bring the inside to the outside

Warming up your outdoor space can help make your yard, deck or patio more versatile and comfortable. Consider adding an area carpet to pull your space together. Coffee and end tables, art and other indoor features are also good ideas that you wouldn’t normally think about bringing outside. This can soon make your outdoor space one of your favorite summer retreats. And if your parents don’t already have a space like this, we bet they will be overjoyed to come home to one!

Affordable outdoor living trends

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