Stocking Your Wine Celler


In our last article, we looked at what goes into installing a perfect wine cellar. Now that construction is complete, we’ll take a look at some ideas for stocking it.

  1. STORAGE & COUNTER SPACE. Having cabinets, shelves, countertops or an island is a great way to ensure you can keep your supplies easily at hand for wine tastings.


  1. WINE GLASSES. You’re going to need a variety of wine glasses in your cellar. Red, white and even champagne glasses can be stored in your island or cabinets. This way, you won’t have to go upstairs or somewhere else in the house to find what you need if you spontaneously decide it’s time for some wine.


  1. BOTTLE OPENER. Waiters’ corkscrews are best, since some of the new gadgets can tend to break the cork if it has dried out a bit during the aging process.


  1. AERATOR FOR RED WINE. Aerators bring oxygen into the wine, enhancing the aroma and taste. Just be careful you don’t use an aerator on aged wines as it can ruin them. For aged wine, simply open the bottle and let it breathe for a while before serving.


  1. WINE CHILLER. These cylinders help keep your white wines cool on the dinner table. Just don’t forget to pop it into the freezer for a while before dinner.


  1. STAINLESS STEEL ICE CUBES. These are perfect for keeping your wine cold, without diluting it and ruining the flavor. They don’t take up much space, so keep a few in the freezer, just in case.


  1. The most important part! Fill your cellar with your favorite wines and maybe even some new ones. Now that you’ve got the space for them, it can be an adventure to sample new wines and discover a world of different flavors.


Laying the wine bottles flat ensures the cork is wet and does not dry out.

Don’t rotate your bottles. If you’re aging wine, sediment is inevitable. Letting the sediment stick together in one spot makes it easier to separate when it comes time to drink the wine. No one wants a glass of wine full of sediment.

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