Is Spring the Best Time to Sell?

This is a question that we get quite often and the answer is always a resounding “maybe.” Spring is a wonderful time of activity.  The flowers are out, hedges are trimmed and the power washing has been done. Birds are singing and the sun feels warmer. There is an extra sense of life in the air during springtime.  And there is an abundance of buyers. Does this make Spring the best time to sell?

The Best Time to Sell

The question is: Do all of the sellers who have waited for the flowers and sunshine now outnumber the buyers as they rush to the market to sell their property when it looks its best?

Supply vs. demand makes the world turn. A time that is often overlooked is the pre-spring market. During February and March buyers have shaken off the dust of Christmas, come to terms with the holiday overspending and are anticipating a New Year in a new home. They have a challenge. They want to buy, but they can’t find anything. A great many sellers are waiting for the birds and the fresh bark mulch and their 200 tulips to blossom – all to the benefit of the seller who has their home on the market today, and who likely has multiple buyers vying for a chance to buy their home.

The pre-spring market of today offers up hungry buyers, who are all competing for the few listings available, to the benefit of those sellers. [su_divider size=”1″]

Nanaimo has a low inventory of homes for sale now. If you are thinking about selling your home in the near future – now be the best time to list your house.

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