Seal The Deal: Electronic Signature Solutions

Let’s face it, you hired people to sell your house because your time is valuable. We want to ensure that you’re getting value from using us. A big part of that is ensuring that we’re working as efficiently as possible. To make sure your home-buying or selling experience a good one, the Charlie Parker Team implements time-saving systems so that you can focus on what really matters, like your family. One of the tools we use to streamline things for our clients is an electronic signature system.

Electronic Signature For Real Estate

The innovative system we use is DocuSign. It gives us the ability to sign documents electronically and easily. In just minutes we can send your document to you with a signature request and have it returned just as quickly.  Simple, secure, and legally binding, DocuSign provides us with greater visibility and control over how quickly your transaction gets to completion.

Electronic signatures for your buying or selling convenience. Image via SoftPro.

Convenient Transactions

If you are tied up at the office, on the go, or traveling, the electronic signature system will ensure we’re able to complete the steps necessary for the transaction, even remotely, streamlining the system to create a better experience for you. Technology allows us to have all documents pertinent to your transaction right at our finger tips and, by extension, also at yours. As long as you have access to the internet, you can sign your documents!

The process is simple. Our agents scan the document into the system (it’s saved on our secure server so that we can access it at a moment’s notice). Then it gets uploaded into DocuSign. Within the program, the agent will specify where you need to sign, and then save the document and send it off to you. Once you open up the email, DocuSign will give you prompts every step of the way. There aren’t many steps; it only takes a minute to set up. The hardest part is choosing which font you’ll use for your signature!

Electronic signatures have revolutionized the way we take care of your real estate transactions. A paperless option with the ability to complete your transaction from anywhere you choose to be. Now you have the choice to take care of important business or spend time with your family while we take care of your real estate needs. Whether you’re buying or selling we have the solutions to make your transaction run smoothly! [contact_bank form_id=2 show_title=true ]

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Feature image via Ring Central.