Retiring on Vancouver Island: A Fairweather Destination for Seniors

Commonly known as part of the “banana belt”, Vancouver Island is one of the warmest parts of Canada. On the coast, we rarely get much snow and when we do, it is fairly quick to melt. That’s one of the reasons the area is well known for being home to a large number of seniors. And that population is only growing!

Retiring on Vancouver Island

Enjoy the coastal lifestyle. Image via
Retiring on Vancouver Island. Image via

Retiring on Vancouver Island makes for pleasant changes of the seasons. Many new Islanders move here from less hospitable climates and love all the things they can do now that they’re not buried in snow and ice for half the year! Living on Vancouver Island is unique in that it allows for all kinds of different adventures in one day. Ski Mt. Washington’s powdery slopes in the morning, then head to Tofino for a surf session or storm watching.

All-Season Fun for Seniors

If you’re more of a homebody, you’ll love the activities you can get up to close to home. Year-round barbecuing is not uncommon (although it does help to have a shelter over your grilling station to keep out of that pesky coastal rain!). Gardeners love how early the growing season starts, and how long it lasts. Many flowers, fruits, and vegetables that don’t do well in other climates thrive here.

Vancouver Island Golfing

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Fairwinds Golf Course. Image via Fairwinds

Golfing is another big draw for those seeking a great place to enjoy retirement, and Vancouver Island doesn’t disappoint in this arena. Our island boasts some of the best courses in British Columbia. Scenic views, challenging play, and incredible facilities are some of the cornerstones you can expect from Vancouver Island golf courses. And, yet again, because our temperatures rarely dip below zero degrees for long, there’s plenty of time to get lots of play in.

Our climate allows us to make the most of our gorgeous surroundings and plentiful leisure facilities. As long as you don’t mind a little rain, the coast is a great place to spend your retirement years. Take a look at homes on Vancouver Island now!

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