The Real Gingerbread Houses of Nanaimo

Whatever holidays you celebrate, we hope you’re making merry in style. In the spirit of getting festive, we’ve put together a round-up of gingerbread houses we wish were real homes and the parts of Nanaimo we think you could find something similar.

Gingerbread Houses, Nanaimo Style

Pretzel gingerbread house. Image via
Cedar gingerbread house. Image via

Cedar is where you’ll find a rustic cabin like this first one. Built from local pretzel logs (a rare variety of wood), this gingerbread house is perfect for an outdoorsy family or couple who appreciates cozy nights by the fire. What activities can a family expect to enjoy in Cedar? All manner of nature-oriented pastimes are there for the taking. Walking or hiking, quadding, fishing, or swimming at the nearby lakes are all fair game, but gingerbread people may want to stick to the shoreline, as we all know they don’t do too well with water.

North Nanaimo

North Nanaimo in gingerbread form. Image via
North Nanaimo in gingerbread form. Image via

This contemporary gingerbread house to the right has a little taste of traditional Tudor style. It’s remarkably similar to many of the new, upscale homes in North Nanaimo. Large enough for a growing family, but with an elegant style befitting a couple who like to entertain, this sophisticated three-storey home is built to weather the trends that gingerbread houses are so vulnerable to.

Family gingerbread house. Image via
Chase River gingerbread house. Image via

 Chase River

A solidly built home like the one to the left could easily be found in Chase River. Its quiet suburban setting and proximity to schools is perfect for young families, who find this area safe and convenient. This home’s simplicity means that it will be affordable, like many of the homes you’ll find in Chase River. There’s no question that you’ll find more square footage here for your dollar than you would in North Nanaimo. And we all know that square footage is what counts when you’re measuring gingerbread!

South Nanaimo

A Victorian gingerbread house. Image via
A Victorian gingerbread house. Image via

South Nanaimo has a wealth of lovely Victorian homes like this last one to choose from. However, none are quite as sugary sweet. As one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Nanaimo, South Nanaimo boasts a great number of character homes, many of which have been refurbished, or are in the process of being renovated to their former glory. This area presents some great investment opportunities. Many homes here have lovely ocean views and the tight-knit feel of the neighbourhood is second to none. This is a rare community in which you can feel how much the residents care.

Marketing Your Community With Your Home

Gingerbread houses aside, at this time of year, we like to reflect on the successes of the past twelve months. It’s our goal to keep researching new and unique ways to market our clients’ homes. Now is the time to be close to family and friends. We feel as though many of our clients have become our friends, so it only makes sense to express how much we appreciate their business and friendship. We want to express our thanks to you for supporting us as we continue to do our best work for you and we wish you and your family all the best this holiday season.

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