Random Acts of Kindness: Giving Back As a Lifestyle

RE/MAX of Nanaimo and the Charlie Parker Team have become known for their contribution to the community. It is likely that you will see a RE/MAX tent, balloons, and agents volunteering their time and resources to the many needs of our city.

Random Acts of Kindness

Under the RE/MAX balloon, individual REALTORS® choose to spend much of their free time volunteering. They believe it is fabric of their success and the success of our city. A city success comes form individuals connection in our community. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make someone’s day extra special. So, in the spirit of paying it forward, here are our team members’ favorite random acts of kindness.


I like to keep a bowl of apples at the ready for our team whenever they’re feeling peckish. Having a fruit bowl gives the office a family-feel and I like that we are very close-knit.


Genuine compliments go a long way. I like to give compliments and tell people I appreciate them on a regular basis. Otherwise, how would they know?


I used to bring donuts for our team once a week. When I find a gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free donut shop, I’ll start doing it again!


If I’m going to be at the coffee shop, I’ll send my coworkers a quick text to see if they’d like anything. It’s simple, but it’s a nice way for me to show them that I care about them and that I’m glad we work together.


Baking: I like to bake something and bring it to my friend or family member while it’s fresh from the oven. No matter how bad things can be, they’re always a little better with some warm banana bread.

Random acts of kindness make our community better. Image via the Charlie Parker Team.
Random acts of kindness make our community better. Image via the Charlie Parker Team.

Connect With Your Community

There are many ways that we can show we care. Donating warm coats for kids, blankets for the homeless, or food to the food bank are random acts of kindness you can perform year-round within your community. Increasing your own neighborhood social connectivity is important too. Try offering to rake or mow your neighbors’ yards, shoveling their driveways when it snows, or helping to carry in their groceries. All of these random acts of kindness will create a more positive, healthy community for us all!

A donation will be made from every home sold with the Charlie Parker Team to Children’s Miracle Network. Did you know that a donation is made by the agents from every home sold through RE/MAX of Nanaimo to CMN!

Nanaimo agents contributed over $90,000 to help sick kids in 2013.

What are your favorite ways to give back? Tell us about them!

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