Piper’s Lagoon Neck Point: A Nanaimo Favourite

Just off Hammond Bay Rd. in Nanaimo, on Lagoon Drive, is where you’ll find access to Piper’s Lagoon (or just “Piper’s” if you’re a local). The first right on Lagoon Dr. will lead you to a parking lot that closes at 11 PM.

Piper’s Lagoon Park. Image via Nanaimo.ca.

Piper’s Lagoon Beach

Arguably the most popular spot for visits to the beach, Piper’s offers a varied landscape of craggy rock, garry oak forest, and pebbly beach. It’s long and narrow, and a walk along the length of the spit will take you to a forested area with lots of places to explore. Neck point is just north of Piper’s and is so called because of the neck-like portion of gravel that attaches the very tip of it to the main body of the park. SCUBA divers frequent it due to the diverse sea life that can be found there. It’s not rare to see orcas swimming past, sea lions sunning on the rocks, or otters playing in the shallows.

Piper’s Lagoon homes at night. Image via John W. Berger.

Outdoor Adventures in Nanaimo

This area was once a very popular fishing spot, and you can still see the shabby shacks that once housed fisherman on overnight trips. Nowadays, they’re owned by the descendents of those seafarers, who use them as summer cabins. Piper’s Lagoon and Neck Point Park are perfect for easy hikes with kids, kayaking, or for laid back fishing off the coast. In the summer time, the beaches are peppered with sunbathers and children at play, but the dramatic rocky shore is worth a visit any time of the year.

If you’re looking for a new home with a view of  Piper’s Lagoon or in the Piper’s area, call the Charlie Parker Team

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