Passenger Ferry Connecting Nanaimo Region To Vancouver

Plans are moving forward for the new passenger ferry to Nanaimo from Downtown Vancouver. This service will change the way people commute between Nanaimo & region and Vancouver, attracting families and businesses to Nanaimo, where land is still affordable and quality of life is excellent.

Island Ferry Services has applied for $14 million from the federal government, forming 19% of the total investment needed to get this service off the ground. Interest and support from the community is needed. One way you can help move this project forward is by signing the letter of support.

Island Ferry Service Ferry waiting for delivery. Image via Nanaimo Daily News.

Passenger Ferry Benefits

Affordable and efficient transportation options are important to Nanaimo’s economy and quality of life. The region’s residents and families are sure to benefit from the passenger ferry service. Our existing ferry service is becoming more costly each year, severely impacting traffic levels and commerce between the Island and the Mainland. We often find ourselves looking for transportation alternatives to the Mainland. Below are some of the benefits we’ve up with when it comes to the passenger ferry. Feel free to comment with some of your own!

  • Operations and services based in Nanaimo will create family-sustaining jobs
  • Ties into TransLink in Vancouver at the downtown Sea Bus terminal
  • Direct run to Vancouver International airport on the Canada line
  • Improves walkability and takes cars off the road to the benefit of the environment
  • Encourages tourism and enhanced economic development for much of Vancouver Island
  • Easy and convenient transportation to the Island
  • Dedicated schedules for sports and entertainment events, allowing for same-night return (even delaying if there are overtime periods, for example)
  • Regional benefits not just to Nanaimo
  • More affordable than float plane
Bob Lingwood managing director of the proposed Passenger Ferry. Image via Robert Barron.

Ferry Facts

  • Includes two 42-meter ships
  • Four engines each for redundancy (this ensures reliable service)
  • Management has years of experience and expertise
  • Bob Lingwood is former CEO of BC Ferries
  • David Marshall is former VP Marine Operations of BC Ferries
  • 68 minute crossing
  • Runs at 37.5 knots
  • Ships and terminals secured and ready to go
  • Can be in service within 6 months of getting grant approval

The Island Ferries service is an exciting opportunity for all of Vancouver Island. It is innovative, fast, and efficient.

Your Support

Share this link out on your social media platforms and to your email contacts. By showing our support through this letter-writing campaign, we have a much greater chance of receiving the New Building Canada Fund. Someone will get it, why not Nanaimo?!

The Island Ferry Passenger Service project is important to those of us who live and work in the Mid-Vancouver Island region. I encourage you to support Island Ferries in any way that you can.

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