Miss Nanaimo Ambassador 2016

At RE/MAX of Nanaimo, we understand that investing in our youth is important for the future. As part of our commitment to todays’ young adults, The Charlie Parker Team proudly sponsored Miss Maria Cleomotte, as a candidate in the 2016 Miss Nanaimo Ambassador competition.

Miss Nanaimo Ambassador Program

This year was the 70th anniversary for the event and it was an honor to be a small part of continuing the tradition. The competition is designed to empower Nanaimo’s young ladies, 16 to 19 years old and assist them with self-esteem, public speaking and post-secondary education.

Each candidate is matched with a sponsor in the spring and spends the next few months honing their skills in preparation for the annual pageant. Graeme Parker attended the pageant on behalf of The Charlie Parker Team and was pleased to participate as a sponsor.

The pageant

At the annual pageant, held on October 15, 2016, an Ambassador and Vice-Ambassadors were chosen to represent Nanaimo at events held all over Vancouver Island.

The competition includes a sponsor display and speech by the candidate, an interview with the judges, a talent competition, and a test of each candidate’s knowledge of Nanaimo. Each young lady is also required to sell tickets to the pageant and fundraise for scholarships towards education.

Vice-Ambassador: Maria Cleomotte

We are thrilled that this year our candidate, Maria Cleomotte, was named as a Vice-Ambassador. She was also one of the Top 5 Fundraiser Finalists for 2016, an accomplishment she can be very proud of. Maria will continue to grow through the experiences she will have representing Nanaimo over the next year.

Corporate sponsorshipThe Charlie Parker Team, Real Estate Sponsorship, Miss Nanaimo Ambassador

Corporate sponsorship is vitally important to this event. It couldn’t continue without that. At The Charlie Parker Team, we are proud to support an organization promoting and
helping the youth of today because we understand these young ladies will be the leaders, mentors and trailblazers in our community in the future. Encouraging them and helping them in this way, helps to ensure our wonderful community will continue to prosper and grow. And that benefits everyone!

If you are interested in sponsoring one of Nanaimo’s young leaders in the Miss Nanaimo Ambassador Program contact

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