The Lost Art Of Borrowing

It’s a common dilemma. You’re having a party and want to offer your guests some decent glasses to drink out of, but you only have a set of six. So you have the option of renting from a party shop (which can be inconvenient and surprisingly expensive) or buying your own (another expensive option that requires you to store the items somewhere when the party is over). What’s a homeowner to do? The answer is easy: borrow! We all have those friends who throw regular parties, or have large families, and can easily lend out their wares.

The Art of Borrowing. Image via, The Truth About Cars.

The same trick applies when you’re staging your home for sale: no need to buy a brand new couch for a house you won’t be living in soon. Ask around! Maybe you have a friend who will temporarily trade a piece of furniture for yours, or is in the furniture/design business and has a basement full of pieces you can pick through. If you don’t happen to have a friend or family member who can hook you up, ask your REALTOR®! They have a wide range of connections and are more than happy to call in a favour for their clients.

Learn The Art Of Borrowing From The Experts

Kids borrow things from each other all the time (well, they do if their parents have taught them sharing skills!) and it seems to work very well for them. But in growing older, we forget that we have this option at our disposal. As long as you are a good borrower yourself, you’ll find that you are able to leverage your “borrower karma” to save money and possibly even help sell your home faster!

Another thing we can learn from children is how borrowing gives us an excuse to make or renew connections. When we can quickly and conveniently pick something new up at the store, it’s easy to forget about borrowing. But phoning up a neighbor you haven’t spoken to in a while can be a rewarding experience in itself!

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