Island Ferry Services Ready to Move Forward

Dave Marshall, Director of Marine operations for Island Ferry Services, says the passenger ferry project between Downtown Nanaimo and Downtown Vancouver is ready to move forward. The boats have been constructed and are ready to be imported. All the necessary infrastructure, such as terminals, staff, and other clearances, is in place or will be soon. The only piece of the puzzle missing now is the remaining equity required to get the project running.

Island Ferry Services Will Be Different

One of the Island Ferry Services boats.
One of the passenger ferries. Image via Island Ferry Services

How is the passenger ferry different from the current ferry service we have now in Nanaimo? Well, it’s a lot more convenient, for starters. It will take passengers 68 minutes to travel from Downtown to Downtown.

Downtown to Downtown Service

Because the ferry does go right Downtown, there’s no need to take a car or arrange other private transportation, like you would if you were travelling from Duke Point or Departure Bay. That ends up saving passengers a lot of money. Marshall says fares will be $31 one-way for irregular travel, and there will be a lower $24 rate for commuters and other frequent ferry-users.

Comfort & Reliability

The boats are also comfortable. Passenger capacity will be 376 people, with a portion of that in business class. Because the ferry will be walk-on only, there will be a liquor license onboard, so that passengers can relax with a glass of wine to or from the city.

Reliability is key here, too. Because the boats have four engines each, and the fleet consists of two boats, there is a dependable contingency plan set in case of breakdown. This was the problem with the Harbour Lynx, because there was only one boat, and that boat relied on just two engines. When one engine broke down, the boat was entirely out of commission.

Do your Part!

The Island Ferry Services has already applied to the New Building Canada Fund, a federal grant designed to support projects that are fundamental to infrastructure, economic prosperity and job creation, at national, regional, and local levels. The passenger ferry service is an obvious candidate for receiving part of this fund, which totals $14 billion. It is very important that our local representatives know how much citizens of Nanaimo want the passenger ferry to go ahead.

The Nanaimo-Vancouver passenger ferry is the critical infrastructure we need to take the city to the next level. Want to do your part to help Nanaimo be an even better place to live, play, work, and study? Sign this letter of support to Minister Todd Stone and the Province of BC!

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