International Students Flock to VIU in Nanaimo

Our own Vancouver Island University is attracting worldwide attention. Students from around the globe are coming to our city to study, and with good reason.

Vancouver Island University Located in Beautiful Nanaimo

16% of VIU students are from abroad. Image via Parker Team.

Close to the ocean and with Mt. Benson as a backdrop, Nanaimo is one city where natural beauty is never hard to find. We’re located extremely well to be able to make easy day trips to Tofino, Vancouver, and Victoria. Even Seattle and Calgary are close, with the newly announced non-stop flights from Nanaimo Airport to these locations. Cost of living is relatively low in our city, compared to similar urban centres, making being a student here very affordable. These are just some of the reasons why international students say Nanaimo has attracted them.

All About VIU

VIU is the second-largest post-secondary institution on the Island, and has become a well-respected university, offering 200 programs throughout seven faculty areas. It is also regarded as one of the best trade schools in British Columbia, with top notch facilities and instructors. Apart from undergraduate programs, the university also delivers four master’s degrees with plans to expand.

VIU Nanaimo campus. Image via VIU.
International students VIU Nanaimo campus. Image via VIU.

Diversity in Learning

Also expanding are the numbers of students the school boasts from abroad. Almost one fifth of the university’s population is formed of students from countries other than Canada. This diversity is a tremendous boon to the learning opportunities faculty can offer. With different cultural perspectives come new and different pedagogical perspectives, enriching the post-secondary experience for everyone involved.

The school itself is a beautiful place to learn, with architectural and landscape elements designed to promote social interaction and provide students, faculty, and staff with spaces to clear their minds. The Japanese gardens are a great example, along with the thoughtful architectural details and sustainable retrofitting in the school’s buildings.

Many Nanaimoites are proud alumni of VIU, formerly known as Malaspina University-College. You’ll find successful professionals in all fields who got their start here. You’ll also meet quite a few international students who came here with plans to go back to their native countries, but fell in love with the city and decided to stay. VIU is a large Nanaimo-based employer in its own right, with a fair number of graduates returning to teach where they learned.

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Feature image via Tony Bates.