House Hunters Viewing Etiquette

Let’s face it, being a home buyer is tough. Everyone has certain things they’re looking for in a home and it can be frustrating not to find those qualities right away. When you’re viewing a house, it can be easy to forget that someone lives there. It’s important to remember there is house hunters viewing etiquette when searching for a new home.

Viewing Etiquette

Here is the basic viewing etiquette when you’re on the house hunt:

  • Before: Arrive on time for showing appointments. Just as it can be a lot of work to find a home to buy, it is also taxing to have a home on the market. Keeping a house in showing condition at all times and finding something to do out of the house for random periods can be hard. Be sure to arrive on time for your viewings so that the owner doesn’t have to wait for late buyers to leave.
  • During: Follow your agent’s lead. If the house is marketed as a tear-down, for example, it’s unlikely you’ll remove your shoes, simply for safety reasons. But if your REALTOR® gives you special instructions, make sure you follow them. There is likely a very good reason they’re asking you to do something a certain way.
  • After: Be honest, but respectful with your feedback. After each showing, it is expected that the buyer will give the seller some feedback about their listing. Your agent will relay your thoughts about the property to the seller’s agent, who will notify the seller. Helpful feedback is very much appreciated, but make sure your response is polite, no matter the condition of the property you’re viewing.
House Hunters Viewing Etiquette. Image via

House Hunters Viewing Etiquette

If you’re a first time homebuyer (or if you haven’t been house hunting for years), it’s impossible to know what’s expected of you. Following these guidelines will help ensure that you have the best home shopping experience possible and that the sellers whose homes you view are also treated with respect.

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