Holiday Decorating: To Cobweb or not to Cobweb?

It’s the haunting month and you know what that means: the onset of holiday decorating straight through until the new year. Put away your patio set, folks, and get out your tiny lights on strings, because it’s time to get festive! It all starts off innocently enough at Thanksgiving, with some chrysanthemums flanking the front door and a tasteful wreath of autumn leaves hanging from it.

Charlie Parker Team Halloween.
Charlie Parker Team Halloween.

But then with Halloween come the polyester cobwebs stretched over all available surfaces, including your lovely chrysanthemums. Jack-o’-lanterns are a must, carved either with a sincerely scary face or a welcoming grin. Add in some styrofoam headstones in the front yard and maybe even a motion-sensor witch, skeleton, or ghost, and you’ve got yourself quite the spooky scene.

Holiday Decorating Don’ts

In our climate, however, that spooky scene can get sad and downtrodden pretty quickly. The ‘mums start to die off, rain weighs down the cobwebs and turns them into a soggy, sagging mess, and the robot ghoulies are just a pain to drag inside every time you see a dark cloud. It can also be quite the chore to pack all these items up to prepare for winter holiday decorating, which most people seem to do at the beginning of November now. And let’s not even talk about the extent to which some people go with those decorations! Just think Griswold Family Christmas and we’re on the same page.

Holiday decorating gone wild. Image via
Over the top holiday decorating. Image via

Tone Down Your Holiday Decorating

You can tell how we feel about holiday decorating: less is more. But what’s a gung-ho homeowner to do when her or his house is for sale? We have three words for you: tone it down. With all due respect, no matter how much a buyer loves the holidays, their reason for viewing your home is not to see how creative you can be with twinkle lights and polyester; it’s to see if your home is one they’d like to live in. Buyers want to see an uncluttered interior and exterior. Heavy holiday decorating is a lot of fun, but if you’d like the best chance at selling your home quickly, take your version of “pared down” and reduce that décor by half.

Charlie Parker Team Tip

One of the best tips we have for sellers who tend to over-decorate is, instead of going to town on your current home, plan for next year. Draw plans, make shopping lists, and dream about all the wild, wacky, and wonderful things you’ll be able to do at your new house! Give yourself license to go nuts thinking about how you’ll make up for this year’s lack of decorations and you’ll have a much better chance at a quick sale now.

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