Green Real Estate Makes More $ense

Around the world individuals and businesses are making smarter environmental choices by constructing homes and buildings that are healthier for the environment, our communities and our families. This is starting to pick up close to home, and Nanaimo is no acceptation. Residential new building policies and green home initiatives are making their way into city policies and master plans. What was once thought of as nonsense is now making perfect $ense and looking good too. That’s right, green homes are not green in colour, they are homes built and decorated sourcing sustainable products and materials.

Green Homes Source Sustainable Materials

What is Green Real Estate

Green Real Estate is a renovation or new construction (of a home or building) built keeping the biological surroundings and source materials at the forefront, as a result producing high-performance structures. Enhancing our home and buildings for maximum occupant and environmental health and well-being.

Green infrastructure also serves to provide an ecological framework for social, economic and environmental health of the surroundings. The markets interest in green real estate on new and existing buildings is on the rise.

On a macro level, green real estate encompasses an environmental and social practice that focuses on green infrastructure: stormwater management; climate; heat stress; biodiversity; food production; air quality; sustainable/renewable energy production; clean water; and healthy soils.

Experts and sustainability leaders will come together at the annual Green Real Estate Conference and will examine the economics, feasibility, benefits and value of upgrading existing properties April 23, 2015 in Toronto.

Green Home Interior

5 Reasons to Buy a Green Home

  • ROI – increase asset value
  • Succession planning for your family
  • Impending legislation – stay ahead of the curve
  • Social responsibility
  • Long term investment – lower monthly utility bills (up to 30% savings) & succession planning for your family

Green properties and green energy funds are higher than once forecasted. As value, accessibility and technology improves, the tighter implementation of green polices for building and upgrading your home.

HIgh-Efficency Green Home

Energy Efficiency

Choosing energy efficiency systems is just one way that makes a home green. Sourcing less toxic materials, using less resources, minimal environmental impact and sustainable practices in building and deposal of unused raw materials all contribute to building a green home. The basics of making your home more energy efficient starts with your choice of walls, windows, HVAC systems etc. It’s the use of green products and materials to construct, remodel, and finish your home, as well as incorporating renewable energy to make your home truly sustainable. Being conscious and invested in building a green home starts with good intentions and ends with your behaviour and how you follow through living in your home.

GBC certified homes can be costly but you are assured the highest green standards have been met. Many green developers are following the guidelines and choosing to build homes to these standards without the certification. As green building legislation starts getting implemented (which it will), you may be required to have additional green certification for your home. Why not stay ahead of the curve and start the research for your new home?

The Canadian and US Green Building Council offer a green home guide of characteristic that your home should have. The City of Nanaimo is working towards green initiatives and building strategies.

Finding a Green Certified REALTOR®

British Columbia’s Real Estate Association provides a tool kit to answers questions on why you should buy or build a green home, tips on building a green home, green real estate designations for real estate agents and how to market your green home.[su_divider]

Feature image via B. Gallant Homes, a local green home builder.