Getting Ready To Sell Your Home

Getting ready to sell a property is something that many sellers find daunting, but can really be quite simple. The goal of the pre-sale spruce-up is to rid your home of any cosmetic issues that will distract buyers from the real value of your property, or the less dazzling features that may not be immediately apparent (such as new wiring, a heat pump, or insulated flooring).

First Step to Sell Your Home

The first step in getting your house ready to put on the market is coming to terms with the fact that to get the most value from your sale, as fast as possible, you are either going to have to invest some sweat equity, or some cash. If you’re like most people, you’ll have to get dirty to get your home clean. Of course, there’s a way out of this, and that’s to hire cleaners. Some sellers like to do a general clean of their home and have cleaners do the more labour-intensive or tedious tasks, such as window-washing or baseboard-cleaning.

Curb appeal. Image via

Curb Appeal

You’ve probably heard before that curb appeal is paramount when it comes to home sales, and the Nanaimo real estate market is no exception. Make sure your house is as attractive outside as it is on the inside. A well-maintained facade, clear pathway, tidy landscape, and a door that tastefully commands attention will intrigue potential buyers. Your newly spiffed-up home might even attract the attention of your neighbors, and we all know what a great marketing tool word-of-mouth is.

Sell your home checklist. Image via PowerHouse Growers.

Real Estate Check List

It may not be glamorous, but the more thought and resources (within reason) you put into ensuring your home is ready to be sold, the more benefits you’ll reap. Many sellers find it helpful to make a list of possible improvements, organized by effort and/or price. Your REALTOR® will be able to tell you which tasks are worth doing and which are better left to the next owner. So as you plan to get ready to sell your home, make that list, check it twice, and get your Nanaimo home on the market!

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