9 Highly-Effective Ways to Get More Done in Less Time

There is a high volume of individuals that suffer from feeling like their to-do lists are getting longer not shorter and are not sure what to do about it. Learning how to set priorities sharpens time management skills, with the benefit being achieving our goals more effectively. If you’re looking for effective ways to get more done – in a shorter amount of time, especially to free up time for the special things in life, this article’s for you!

Get More Done

Setting Priorities

One of the best ways to set priorities visually is to use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix. Stephen Covey popularized this system in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He created a decision making matrix to help individuals make the distinction between what’s important or urgent, and what’s not important or urgent.

Important activities: ‘Are of great significance or value; likely to have a profound effect on success.’ They contribute significantly to our desired objectives and should be set to high priority. They result in a long-term impact and help us to reach our goals.

Urgent activities: ‘require action or attention.’ They scream NOW but are usually short-term in nature and may or may not relate to our big-picture objectives. These ‘urgent’ activities often place pressure on us daily. They are time and energy drainers and often mislead us into thinking that they are important activities.

In order to meet objectives effectively, it’s important to learn how to prioritize intentionally rather than reacting to the urgent tasks that may be on or off our to-do list. Taking the time to prioritize and be proactive rather than react will result in getting more done and require less energy to do it.

Time Management. Get More Done

Effective Ways to Get More Done

Mitigating the unknown and familiarize oneself with processes by following some of these time gaining tips. Here are 9 easy ways to be more productive and to get through those daily tasks: 

  1. Plan plan plan. Make planning a priority. The things that get scheduled are the things that get done. Plan for your week and plan for your day. Rather than tracking what needs to be done and reacting you will look at your day and already know what needs to be accomplished.
  2. Set priorities during your daily planning. Eliminate unproductive to-do items from your daily list to make room for those that will contribute to your objectives and big picture goals.
  3. Know your high-energy time. Working more effectively comes from working when our energy is at its peak. Peak energy – peak performance.
  4. Create lists. Create lists and then prioritize them. Lists are your blueprint for focus.
  5. Choose one thing daily that will help you reach your objective. This is your priority. Do this one thing before anything else – even checking your emails.
  6. Schedule and sort email. It isn’t always easy, or possibly to schedule a time to look at your emails. If you can you will see that it results in much more concentration and focus. Quickly categorize you emails: Important, Urgent, Later, Trash and deal with them in that order.
  7. Create and use an agenda for your meetings. Agenda are an excellent way to keep your meeting on track and ideally on time. If you aren’t the meeting organizer, you can request an agenda which may prompt action by the organizer to create one.
  8. Send and request simplified emails. Sending only bite-sized, efficient, bullet-pointed emails and request them in return.
  9. Write out your clear objectives before returning a phone call. This will result in more effective, time-saving communication.

Top 3 take-aways:



Create lists

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