Digital Signatures: Signing Real Estate Documents Electronically

There have been many fantastic changes in technology in the real estate industry over the last number of years. The most dynamic change would possibly be digital signatures for: signing real estate documents electronically. Simplifying the contract process, reducing time, and minimizing paperwork.

There are many companies that offer this service, making the sometimes difficult task of faxing, printing, scanning and emailing contracts for clients much more convenient and efficient. In the real estate industry this can be a huge benefit for both buyers and sellers as some transactions can be very time sensitive. Todays digital age makes it more convenient to wrapping up transactions than ever before. One way is by signing real estate documents electronically from anywhere that you can receive an email.

Signing real estate documents electronically

Here at the Charlie Parker team, we use a company called Docusign. Basically, it is an email program which REALTORS® can use to send documents via email. In a few easy steps you can receive, sign, and send back your signed contract:

  1. The REALTOR® indicates where signatures and emails are needed
  2. The program allows the client to choose which one they prefer
  3. With a click of the mouse, in the areas indicated on the document, it digitally signs the documents and sends them back to your REALTOR®.

Probably the best feature is the ability to send the contract, to multiple clients, involved in a single transaction. You can be in Florida, Italy, Nanaimo or anywhere else you can access your email. Multiple owners can be in different areas of the world and the program will merge all signatures together and send it back to your REALTOR®!

Time sensitive contract

Electronic connections globally

Real estate has evolved, reflecting how some clients who choose can benefit from REALTORS® who embrace change and technology as our local community becomes part of a global community. In the past year I have used this program to sell a property for a seller in Toronto, while her partner was in Miami and I actually never met them personally. With this tool the busy client that either lives out of town, can’t leave their home, and doesn’t have access to printers and scanners, can still sell their home with efficiency and ease. [su_divider]

If you would like more information about buying real estate either locally or remotely using the Docusign feature contact us!