Co-working Spaces and Collaborative Environments

A co-working space is a space where independent professionals with workplace flexibility come to work together in an environment that fosters community-building, collaboration, and sustainability. Co-working spaces often create a better place to work. San Francisco happens to be the largest presence of co-working spaces with an average age of 34.

Co-working space in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Image via Alair Homes.

Nanaimo’s Co-working Space

Nanaimo is home to a co-working space. The atmosphere is ideal for locals and visiting professionals. Square One offers a 24-hour co-working space and technology incubator in the downtown core. Nanaimo, the Hub City, sees many commuters passing through on business via BC Ferries, Harbour Air Seaplane, Nanaimo Airport YCD, and private boat, to do business in Nanaimo. Professionals visiting Nanaimo now have a place to get some work done, connect with others, and have the access to resources and equipment.

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Charlie Parker Team Co-working Space

The Charlie Parker Team is a team of like-minded professionals working together to make your visions of owning the ideal home a reality. Attending events together, fundraising with the Children’s Miracle Network, and working daily in a co-working environment because they see the power behind collaborating. In The Charlie Parker Team office it’s not unusual to find 6 people working on your listing and designing marketing strategies to ensure your experience is a positive one. Some RE/MAX of Nanaimo agents have their own offices and many share, but the space is very much a co-working environment. We also collaborate with other industries to build on our marketing strategies, further our education and awareness, as well as building better relationships.

Co-working Space. Image via

Benefits Of Co-Working Environments

Co-working spaces are not just about the physical space but about establishing the co-working community. Like-minded people create a synergy together and prevent isolation that can be experienced from working at home. It’s your choice to work independently or collaborate with others. Having a more formal place to do your business prevents external distractions.

If you have budget concerns, these communal offices offer an affordable solution. Most spaces include office equipment and resources needed to operate your business such as: printers; desks; internet; and the ability to pool resources.  With this type of creative and interactive atmosphere you are liable to meet individuals that you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to connect with. Tech and start up companies are seeing the business and social advantages of working individually under one silo in a co-working space.

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