4 Reasons The RE/MAX of Nanaimo Home Tour Gives Your Home An Edge

Every week, RE/MAX of Nanaimo tours all the office’s new listings in different parts of Nanaimo. Agents visit North, Central, or South Nanaimo on a three-week cycle, after their weekly sales meeting. They record feedback for the agent and seller on the condition of the home, price, and possible improvements to make. Why is this valuable to you as a seller? Here are four reasons!

RE/MAX of Nanaimo agents tour new homes weekly. Image via RE/MAX.
RE/MAX of Nanaimo home tour. Image via RE/MAX.

RE/MAX of Nanaimo Home Tour

  1. Exclusive buyers. Agents who come see a listing always have a roster of clients in mind. These might not be buyers who are actively looking for a home, but maybe have requested that their agent keep an eye out for any properties that would suit them.
  2. Competing offers. A sharp price can generate a frenzy around a listing, which is encouraged even more by having a large group of REALTORS® tour it. Competing offers don’t always happen for homes on the RE/MAX tour, but they can sure help create a buzz.
  3. More input. It goes without saying that you and your agent have put a lot of time and effort into deciding on your price. However, having a few more educated opinions on the price of your listing could help you see if you’re on the right track or totally off base.
  4. Possible improvements. Your REALTOR® will give you all the advice he or she can gather in order to help you sell your home. You’ve probably also done some work and research of your own to help spruce it up. But another couple dozen sets of eyes on your listing can never hurt. They can give you opinions from their own experience that your REALTOR® may not be able to provide.
Is your home fit to sell? Image via RE/MAX.ca 

The RE/MAX of Nanaimo home tour doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. We advise our clients to treat it as they would any showing: make sure your house is immaculate, turn all the lights on and leave the interior doors open, and if you have pets, either keep them enclosed or ensure there are clear directions for whether or not they can be let outdoors.

Real Estate Options

You also have the option of staying at home during the tour, if necessary, although our sellers usually find it easier to leave. REALTORS® usually enter listings using their lockbox key (unless you have another arrangement for access). This ensures your home’s security, as we can see exactly who has entered the home and when. All in all, it’s a great perk of listing with the Charlie Parker Team at RE/MAX of Nanaimo, as well as a perk of being a buyer with us!

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