4 Pest-Proof Border Plants For Your Home

Curb appeal is, arguably, the holy grail when you’re selling a home and border plants will help. If you have a garden in front of your house, you know what an impact that made on you when you first bought it. Now that you’re putting it up for sale again, you may want to consider putting in low-maintenance pest-proof border plants to appeal to a broad range of buyers. Better still, in some parts of Nanaimo that are home to rabbits and deer, to have those plants be pest-proof.

Pest-resistant boarder plants Lupin

Easy To Care For Pest-Proof Border Plants

  1. Lavender – A natural choice, there are many varieties of lavender that can liven up a walkway both with scent and beauty. Try the rosea variety for unusual pink flowers.
  2. Foxglove – This plant’s tall spires of bells are attractive to us, but not to deer. Perfect for borders. Mass plantings of these wildflowers are especially dramatic.
  3. Lupine – The lupine is great for cuttings and will bloom for the first half of the summer. To fit in a smaller area, try one of the dwarf varieties.
  4. Jerusalem sage – A soft yellow with pretty, silver-green leaves, this plant is a great choice. If it thrives in the summer, it will bloom again in the fall.

Quick tips: Pest-proof border plants work best when planted a little closer together than plant tags recommend. This creates a fuller, lusher look. Try for a  more natural appearance by not planting in straight rows. It’s not recommended to plant annuals under trees. There tends to be an imbalance of moisture between what the annual needs and what the tree may need. Maples and rhododendrons will tolerate the moisture that annuals need.[su_divider]

Feature image via, ovlix.com