9 Reasons Coworking Spaces Work

Traditional office spaces are becoming a thing of the past and more people are interested in coworking spaces. More then ever entrepreneurs and businesses want to be surrounded by others because of the creativity and collaboration it fosters. The Charlie Parker Real Estate Team and many of the RE/MAX agents are much the same way. With up to five people working in our office at any given time and a guest chair by the door for those who are looking to share ideas and discuss market trends.

According to Deskmag’s annual Global Co working Survey, 71 percent of participants reported a boost in creativity since joining a coworking space, and 62 percent said their standard of work had improved. This is one of the reasons many companies such as Amazon, Twitter, and Fortune 500 offer coworking spaces. Fast Company recently published an article about Seats2Meet. The future of coworking spaces could be paid for by Social Capital according, a seat in exchange for nothing more than “social capital,” or the sharing of knowledge and expertise. 

Benefits of Co-working Spaces

We’ve put together our favorite ways that we see co-working spaces as being beneficial. Can you add to the list?

  1. Synergy that can happen from working with like-minded talented people. 
  2. Budget restraints
  3. Amenities and equipment which can include office resources such as internet, printers and desks
  4. Free from distractions at home
  5. Easy drop in and free yourself from isolation
  6. Resource pooling, Aka, Social Capital
  7. Work independently or collaborate
  8. Creative environment
  9. Great resource for Startups, Tech companies and freelancers
Coworking spaces. Image via wikipedia.org.

SquareOne Coworking Space

Nanaimo’s very own SquareOne is tech incubator and co-working space that provides office space, expertise, meaningful connections, and resources to tech startups.

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