10 Reasons Why Nanaimo is Our First Choice

Nanaimo is our first choice! Newcomers to Nanaimo often wonder why they didn’t move central Vancouver Island sooner. And why wouldn’t you? There are so many reasons to live and work in Nanaimo. Here are ten lures that have drawn us Nanaimoites to this wonderful city:

1. Location

This city is so centrally located. A quick flight on the seaplane gets you over to Vancouver in twenty minutes, or take the ferry for a more scenic trip. Victoria and Tofino are both easy one-day jaunts.

2. Beauty

From the shores of Neck Point Park to the slopes of Mount Benson, there is so much natural beauty to enjoy in this city. Nanaimo boasts over 588 hectares of parks and over 100km of trails. Getting outside in nature is easy when it’s right outside your door which makes Nanaimo our first choice for a healthy balanced life!

Neck Point Park in Nanaimo. Image via vancouverislandtouring.com.

3. Industry

Nanaimo is home to many thriving start-ups and larger businesses. The affordable office space and laidback atmosphere has made it a great place for tech companies to set up shop. Trades are another industry that drives the economy here, along with tourism. Cruise ships can be found stopping here in the summer for sightseeing, which is yet another boon to the economy.

4. Affordability

In terms of cost of living, Nanaimo is the clear choice amongst other larger centres. Housing is high-quality and priced much more reasonably than in Vancouver or Victoria. This makes Nanaimo an exciting possibility for young couples and families who always thought home ownership was just a pipedream.

5. Education

Nanaimo is home to Vancouver Island University, the second-largest university on Vancouver Island and home to industry-leading programs, such as the culinary training program and the MBA program. VIU attracts students and faculty from far and wide and enjoys a great reputation locally and further afield. Of course, Nanaimo’s primary and secondary schools are amongst the best on the island, so those not quite ready for post-secondary are well catered to, too!

Education in Nanaimo. Image via Facebook VIU Alumni.

6. Culture

The Port Theatre is one of Nanaimo’s crowning jewels. Attracting world-class acts, this venue hosts incredible concerts, plays, and speaking engagements all year-round. Nanaimo Centre Stage also regularly puts on plays and smaller shows, and live music is a fixture in many restaurants and bars around town.

7. Food

Delicious meals aren’t difficult to come by in Nanaimo. From Downtown to the north end, you’ll find a surprisingly large selection of restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re into sushi, Indian, Chinese, Korean, or down-home barbecue, there truly is something for any craving.

8. Recreation

Nanaimo has tons of recreational opportunities. Beach volleyball or disc golf at Bowen Park are popular activities almost year-round. The city’s array of recreational programming is truly staggering and if you’re ever in the mood to learn a new skill, get ready to have amazing instructors (for example, ballroom dance instructors who compete at a national level).

Recreation in Nanamo. Image via accessnanaimo.ca

9. History

The Harbour City is BC’s third-oldest city and, boy, can you see our roots! Artifacts from Nanaimo’s coal mining days are scattered throughout the city, along with statues, commemorations, and other interesting historical tidbits.

10. Community

Nanaimoites can’t resist coming together to celebrate. Whether it’s the annual Dragonboat Festival or the Bathtub Races, we are a friendly community of fun-loving people. We’re there when times get tough for the less fortunate, too, and are proud to be a community of active and passionate volunteers.

Nanaimo Is Our First Choice For Relocating

Nanaimo hasn’t always been top-of-mind for relocating, but it makes perfect sense. Nanaimo, central Vancouver Island, is exciting, diverse, and accessible. Call your local Real Estate Expert and come visit today!